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Wanderlust Films: Moonrise Kingdom

If you are looking for a cool movie to watch, may I suggest Moonrise Kingdom Sure it’s super quirky, but that’s what makes this little film a delight! Seriously, the movie is pure magic! 🙂 Moonrise Kingdom has it all: Epic Cast Wicked Acting Great Soundtrack Awesome Storyline Tons of memorable quotes you are gonna wanna write down Beautiful unexpected surprises A special love story Tons of Adventure & Fun Simplicity & color Yellow is everywhere! 🙂 In fact, I would go as far to say, that if you don’t like this Film, we are not gonna be friends 🙂 So what are you waiting for? Go pop some popcorn, get cozy & start watching!

Funny Apartment Incidents – Porto Edition

I’ve had the Bacalhau (dry, salted cod) in my fridge for the past 3 or so days, waiting for a perfect moment to finally prepare it. I’ve seen my Portuguese flatmate cook it in London, so I didn’t look at recipes online prior. It must’ve been the hunger from my Braga daytrip that took over, because I completely forgot to wash the salt off the fish before baking it. Pretty funny right? And, it didn’t really hit me until I tried it, and finally figured out where I went wrong. My apartment at first was filled with most lovely smell, I got so excited about this meal. The fish, if you forget to wash the salt off, is so insanely salty, woooh it’s nuts! I’m naturally not really into too much salt on my food, I use natural lemon juice sometimes instead of salt to add more flavour to dishes. So, what did I do? I ate one entire plate anyways, I was hungry. I followed up with some Milka Strawberry Yogurt Chocolate to get rid of the saltiness …

Funny Apartment Incidents – Porto edition

I love this apartment! It’s so beautiful. I also love being on the top floor, as I have really nice views of the city and people watching from my loft bedroom window is such a pleasure. I also love the beautiful wood ceilings throughout the apartment and the curves and shapes of the roof that take place throughout the apartment. Funny thing is you really do have to get used to having such low ceilings in particular places. For the past couple of days, I’ve been bumping my head in the following places: First morning waking up in a pitch black bedroom and hitting my head pretty hard above on the low wood ceiling as I got out of the bed. This one was really bad, this hard bump happened yesterday. I took a look outside the window and as I turned around I hit my head on the wood panel above me. To be honest, it was pretty funny because I had a killer migraine so it was like a little add on. Night …