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Living On The Road – The New Nomads

Mobility is the ultimate new form of freedom: freedom from routine, traditional values, and geographic restraints. Today we are to more mobile than ever, it has become quite common to spend time in different countries, work in various places and explore the world by moving around. Living on the Road Nomadic Housing Options

Airbnb Finds: The Rustic Modern Tiny House

If you enjoyed my Tiny Houses post series then you will love this Rustic Modern Tiny House from Airbnb. This charming little house was built by the Airbnb hosts themselves and the space consists of just 350 sq ft. This charming beauty is located in Portland and the hosts hold a Superhost badge on Airbnb so you know you are in good hands with them. The price per night is €90. I also have a $20 off coupon for you when you sign up with Airbnb.