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National Stress Awareness Day

All right guys, today I have something sweet and light for you for such a heavy day. You might have noticed the #NationalStressAwarenessDay media handle online today. Nov 4th is the National Stress Awareness Day and I’m here to let you know that you can 100% control your stress. You are the boss of your mind, body & soul, so please don’t let it control you. You are more likely to be stressed out if you are living in a bigger city as opposed to let’s say a small beach town. If you’ve been feeling the stress lately, it might be time for an evaluation. Whatever area in your life is bringing you stress, change the situation around. Whether it’s the location in general, your job, significant other, friends,  or whatever else. Remember, you health should always come first, and nothing else matters as much. Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed with many aspects of your life, but don’t panic! If this is the case, then I’m going to give you some advice that my former flatmate gave me in London, which is: One thing at a …

Summer 2015 in CYPRUS ☀

Today’s wild wave is brought to you from spectacular Limassol, Cyprus. I had an epic day at the beach today, swimming, snorkelling, playing racquetball in and out of the water, sunbathing… I’m a little swamped at the moment with a few different projects, so I suggest you follow me on Twitter for more of Summer in Cyprus updates: @100daysofsun Have an epic weekend & make sure you soak up some Sun! 🙂 ☀ ☀ ☀

Beach ☀ Travel ☀ Bags

Hello my Dear Sunshine lovers! ☀ I hope you all had an amazing weekend filled with plenty of Sunshine ☀ This is one of my first Beach/Travel bag designs that I have just created. I will be working on a lot more designs in the upcoming weeks. This was super fun to make but definitely a lot of work went into the process. I still have to add my blog name & location, in this case Barcelona. There will also be a Giveaway soon, and I will let you pick your favourite design for that. Just a heads up, you will have to follow me on Twitter for the Giveaway: @100daysofsun I love using these when I travel! I only travel with my carry on and this, pretty light & easy 🙂 I am also working on a super fun Travel Book that is nothing like your regular travel book, which is super exciting! 🙂 More details about that soon. Wishing you all a very Happy & Bright Week ahead! ☀