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Cool Hotels: Moxy at Milan Malpensa Airport

Back in March when I was travelling to Portugal, Easyjet suggested I reschedule my flight from Milan to Lisbon as I had about an hour at the airport and they thought I wouldn’t make it even with my carry on. Just to be safe, I picked another flight that was scheduled for the next day and then ended up having a layover at Milan Malpensa. I looked at the airport hotels and via and booked 1 night at Moxy which was right outside the airport across the street. This little boutique hotel is super fun and hip. Every night they have a special thing going on at the reception bar. During the evening I was there, they had Tonight you are the Barman night, so you could make your own drinks. The very first thing you will notice as you step inside Moxy is the smell. The smell is amazing! The revolving door must have a motion sensor that mists out the scent as you step inside. If you do decide to stay up a little later to socialize in the lobby, …

BEST OF 2015

Half a year has already gone by, how crazy is that? I visited some new countries and cities this year & so far my Travel Adventures have been awesome! At the moment I have no new travel plans set just yet, as I am now in a money making mode. I will definitely take one or two small trips before the end of the year, then one in January for my birthday again as well as April and then Stockholm in July 2016 for TBEX Europe. The next new cities I plan to visit are: Amsterdam, Paris, Venice, Lisbon & Stockholm. Let’s get to the list of Favorites for 2015 – Highlight the photo for further information I am not including Cyprus on the list because I am making a separate Best Of Cyprus Post.

NEW: Italy, Portugal & Spain Pages

For easier navigation, I created separate pages above for countries I’ve visited this year so far. I am still in the process of creating many posts for Spain and some on Italy and Portugal too. In Italy I visited The Vatican City and Rome. In Portugal I visited Porto, Matosinhos and Braga. In Spain I visited Barcelona, Lloret de Mar, Platja d’Aro and Empuriabrava. Bellow the photos are the links to the new pages. Just click on the titles and they will take you to each page. 🙂                In Love with Italy                               P is for Portugal                               Spring in Spain

Piazza Venezia, Roman Forum & the Colosseum

I loved this area so much because everything is in one place so you can really see a lot very quickly. We used a bus to get to Piazza Venezia and started from there, walked along the Roman Forum and finally walked over to the Colosseum. You can see all these sights during one afternoon, but I suggest you spend an entire day exploring this area. Start your day with a breakfast, and then head over here with the metro or a bus and enjoy some sightseeing, take some photos, have lunch nearby and explore some more. We did not have time to explore the surrounding areas here because of our tight schedule.

Movie that feeds your Italian Wanderlust: The Trip to Italy

If you love Italy and it’s beautiful landscape and you are a big foodie like me, then you will most likely enjoy this movie that captures some amazing beautiful landscape of this gorgeous country. The movie itself is ehh not so great in my opinion but I watched it last night for Italy and for the Italian food. If you do end up watching it, make sure you eat something before you start the movie, because it will sure make you hungry! Filming Locations: Liguria, Tuscany, Rome, Amalfi and Capri

Travel Journal: Nutella Birthday Pizza in Rome

I wasn’t sure what I would order as a birthday dessert in Rome, but I definitely gave it some thought prior to my arrival in Rome. When the evening of 14th of January arrived, after a full day of sightseeing, mum and I returned to our fave local restaurant spot and after dinner, ordered a Gluten Free Nutella pizza to share. This pizza was so simple yet so delicious! If you love pizza crust, and you love Nutella, and who doesn’t? – you will definitely enjoy this yummy dessert! Restaurant: Mama! Eat (Menù per Celiaci) Address: Via di San Cosimato, 7/9, 00153 Roma, Italy Phone:+39 06 580 6222