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Why you should eat at R’domus when in Porto

View of R’domus from the street During my first full day in Porto, after some sightseeing and a river cruise, I came across R’domus restaurant and I’m super happy that I did. There was a big sign on the street advertising their very affordable meal of the day which is what got my attention in the first place. Henrique, Paulo and Daniella, the three siblings that work at this local restaurant, are absolutely amazing! They really fed me well 🙂 In fact they fed me so well with their delicious food, I had to take dessert home, and that never happens! R’domus offers very tasty Portuguese food for a very low price. My suggestion for you is that you skip the little overpriced riverside tapas places and you come straight here for a proper full meal. You won’t regret it! You should most definitely order the Meal of the Day. There will always be some sort of delicious meat on the menu, and the day I visited, they had sausages, but since I don’t eat meat anymore, I went for their fried …

Como Osteria at Olympic Residence

A new Italian restaurant opened up in Limassol recently & since mum’s birthday was coming up, we decided this would the perfect place to try out. It’s located in the new Olympic Residence towers by the seafront. The decorations are pretty nice as well, modern minimalism. They bring out this yummy hot bread out first, with some amazing dips. Olive oil/garlic dip, fresh tomato dip & an eggplant dip which was absolutely superb. I had the gnocchi (above) which were absolutely delicious. They were also quiet rich. I’m definitely coming back here for lunch or dinner. The prices are great and the portions are great. Everything was delicious. The second time around, I went out for a cup of coffee. I ordered a cappuccino which came with little complimentary chocolate muffins. I think next time I will order a dessert, perhaps a tiramisu. 🙂