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Follow 100 Days of Sunshine via Other Social Media Accounts

I added a¬†FOLLOW ME Page above which links to my other Social Media accounts. Maybe it’s more convenient for you to follow me on Twitter or my Facebook Page, or maybe you want to follow me on Intagram or Tumblr. You can also follow me via Bloglovin’, Pinterest, Google+ and Youtube. Whatever your preference is, you can choose how you want to follow me here

Discovering Great Little Places & Tumblr

I have just joined Tumblr and you can follow me here: Hundred Days of Sunshine So far I’m posting different things on that account as I find Tumblr more fun and casual. Location: Stein am Rhein, Switzerland I just came across a great little Tumblr account that’s perfect for those who love charming little off the beaten path kind of places. Here’s the account link: Great Little Places You can use their blog for you own travel inspirations. They post photos daily and you can submit your own photo to them.