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Day 9 Part 4: Aphrodite Hills Resort & Aphrodite’s Rocks at Sunset

After our lunch at Kouklia Village we headed for Aphrodite Hills Resort. This place is huge and has tons of beautiful properties for sale and rent. One of the houses had a Libra sign on it, so I took photos of mum and Annnie in front of it since they are both libras. We also noticed a church on the way and stopped by to take some more photos. The church dates back to the 12th century. After our little tour of the Aphrodite Hills Resort, we enjoyed drinks on the sunset terrace upstairs. I ordered tea for my sore throat, which helped a bit. Our last stop of the day trip was stopping by Aphrodite’s Rocks at sunset to touch the rocks and make a wish. I found a couple of photos of Aphrodite’s Rocks from our earlier pass by stop that were in my camera so I’m adding those below. The sunset later was crazy cool. I made a video of it which is also below. VIDEO: Aphrodite’s Rocks VIDEO: Aphrodite’s Rocks VIDEO: Aphrodite’s Rocks Sunset Previous Posts: Day 1 – Night …

Sangrias, Sunshine & Bossa Novas from Ribeira Square in Porto, Portugal

The most beautiful moments in life just happen by chance. In March I had a pleasure of experiencing one of those magical moments of pure perfection in Porto. The sound of live music got my attention – Soft and smooth Brazilian Bossa Novas were dancing in the air. I picked a perfect spot, front row seats for this live show. I started people watching, as the sun warmed up my face. My Sangria order arrived and it was perfectly delicious! As time passed, and my drink slowly vanished in front of my eyes, I decided that I would extend this moment a bit longer and savour every beautiful second I possibly could. This is where my little reward comes in – I decided to order another glass of this perfect sangria just so I could stay in this beautiful moment awhile longer. As the afternoon turned into an early evening and my bill arrived, only one sangria was on the bill. A reward indeed! This entire afternoon was very rewarding for me and I am …

A Beach Day in Matosinhos, Portugal

I’m adding a video from my beach day in Matosinhos bellow as well as more photos from the day. The name of the Castle by the sea in the photo is Castelo do Queijo which translates to Cheese Castle 🙂 It got the name from the giant rock the castle was built on that resembled a giant piece of cheese. It is also known as Forte de São Francisco Xavier. It was designed by Miguel l’Ecole and completed in 1661. Due to the weather conditions, there weren’t many people at the beach in this particular area at the time. A Spanish couple was right behind me, and the gentleman asked me to take his photo at the beach by these interesting rocks, while his wife waited up for him on the road with an umbrella. As I approached the Castle, it got a little busier. There were some tourists there, a guided tour, a young group of people at the beach, as well as a few couples exploring the rocks and the beach area bellow. The weather conditions weren’t ideal for the …

Braga’s Beautiful Churches: Photos and a short Video

What makes Braga so enchanting are the city’s beautiful majestic churches. Braga is a small city but surprisingly it holds a large number of churches in its quaint little downtown area. Each one is unique in its own right, and their architecture is just incredible! In this post, I’m highlighting two of Braga’s beautiful churches. The first one is Igreja de Santa Cruz which was built in the 17th century and the second church is Igreja de São Marcos or Igreja do Hospital which was built in the 18th century. Both churches have Baroque architecture and they are right next to each other. Please watch the video in HD for best viewing 🙂 Igreja de Santa Cruz Igreja de São Marcos – Igreja do Hospital

Surprise Postcard from Moldova :)

Yesterday when I got home, I went straight to the mailbox. I had this feeling like my free postcard from Starring You was waiting for me inside, and guess what? It was 🙂 What a great surprise! This sweet postcard really made my night! 🙂 How cool are all those handmade stars on the back? Wow! Prior to its arrival, I wondered what country it will come from. If you would like a free postcard too, just go to Starring You Facebook Page and send Michael a private message with your address.   I asked Michael how he funded his many amazing travels and he sent me a pretty awesome response video which I’m attaching bellow:

2 New Videos of Porto’s Beautiful Ribeira

Today was a perfect day in Porto. It was over 20C and beautifully sunny. I started my day by souvenir shopping and tasting White Port for the first time, but more on that later with photos. After some more shopping, I headed back across the river to Vila Nova de Gaia to take some photos of Ribeira on a sunny day. I took many beautiful photographs, but for now here are 2 videos from today. How incredible is this place? It’s so beautiful, and I will truly miss it. Porto has a peace of my heart now. Please watch the videos in HD 🙂 The sound you hear in the background is water. I was sitting on a moving wooden dock.

Perfect Afternoon at the Ribeira

I am now on Youtube and Google+ with the same name 100 Days of Sunshine so I will be bringing you lots of videos from now on. Here is a teaser from my perfect afternoon yesterday at Porto’s riverfront. Please watch my videos in HD for a better experience 🙂 I have another video from yesterday that I will be uploading along with a story and photos 🙂

An incredible day in Braga

Good evening from Porto! I have just returned from my Braga daytrip a couple of hours ago. I had the most fantastic day exploring this beautiful scenic city. Braga is the third largest city of Portugal, and this beauty should most definitely be on your Portugal bucket list. Braga is absolutely stunning, beautiful and incredible! Every direction you turn in, this city will reward you with a pretty church, a castle or a monument. More posts on Braga coming soon with some beautiful photography from today’s daytrip. The weather was great here in north Portugal today! We had a full day of bright sunshine, velvety blue sky and a generous 18C degree day. It was a perfect day for sightseeing and photos and I believe I did a great job of making a use of it. I am posting a little short video for you guys of one of the areas in Braga. This area was pretty calm and quiet earlier in the day. The Church there at the starting and ending point of the video is Igreja de Santa Cruz – …