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Wanderlust Films: Moonrise Kingdom

If you are looking for a cool movie to watch, may I suggest Moonrise Kingdom Sure it’s super quirky, but that’s what makes this little film a delight! Seriously, the movie is pure magic! 🙂 Moonrise Kingdom has it all: Epic Cast Wicked Acting Great Soundtrack Awesome Storyline Tons of memorable quotes you are gonna wanna write down Beautiful unexpected surprises A special love story Tons of Adventure & Fun Simplicity & color Yellow is everywhere! 🙂 In fact, I would go as far to say, that if you don’t like this Film, we are not gonna be friends 🙂 So what are you waiting for? Go pop some popcorn, get cozy & start watching!

The Disease called Wanderlust

This is by far one of my favourite Travel Quotes. It sums up my life perfectly! I was bitten by this special bug at a very early age. – Oddly enough, I didn’t see what was right in front of me, or in me for that matter, for a very long time. Do you have Wanderlust? Chances are, if you have asked yourself this question, you have been bitten my friend. So what are some of the symptoms of Wanderlust? You get bored easily You seek a higher level of consciousness Routine is not for you You love meeting good people You are a creative person You are an extrovert You understand the meaning of life & living You follow your passions You are spontaneous You have urges you can’t explain You go with the flow You can change your mind very quickly You have trouble with commitment You crave adventure & excitement You follow your heart The weather & seasons can have an effect on you You understand priorities You make friends easily You …

Movie that feeds your Italian Wanderlust: The Trip to Italy

If you love Italy and it’s beautiful landscape and you are a big foodie like me, then you will most likely enjoy this movie that captures some amazing beautiful landscape of this gorgeous country. The movie itself is ehh not so great in my opinion but I watched it last night for Italy and for the Italian food. If you do end up watching it, make sure you eat something before you start the movie, because it will sure make you hungry! Filming Locations: Liguria, Tuscany, Rome, Amalfi and Capri

Living On The Road – The New Nomads

Mobility is the ultimate new form of freedom: freedom from routine, traditional values, and geographic restraints. Today we are to more mobile than ever, it has become quite common to spend time in different countries, work in various places and explore the world by moving around. Living on the Road Nomadic Housing Options

June in Florida – A Photo Essay

In 2008, I spent Spring Break camping in Florida and I loved it so much that I returned back the next year during summer. I drove down to Florida with my boyfriend at the time all the way from Ohio. If you love beautiful beaches you have to visit the Clearwater Beach area. This is the website I used at the time: and it’s still my favorite website for this area. One place that’s not highlighted on the map is Fort de Soto park which should definitely be on your list. We stayed at the Madeira Beach KOA and rented a wooden lodge cabin. The campsite has a really great selection of all sorts of beautiful cabin lodges to choose from. There’s a nice swimming pool open all year round as well as a hot tub. We rented bikes and cycled the Pinellas Trail which can be reached directly from the campground. We kayaked the Long Bayou by the campground. They organize fun outdoor movie nights as well as other social events which ae a lot of fun. Since we had the car with us, we got …

Cyprus has 2 of the Top 10 beaches in Europe

This is super exciting news! Check out the Top 10 Beaches here: Top Ten Beach Destinations in Europe The summer is coming up and I feel pretty lucky that I’m gonna be here exploring all the beautiful beaches this island has to offer. The Top 10 List above is a bit generalised as both of this lovely places on the east coast of the island have plenty of beaches each, so I’m attaching a link bellow so you can take a look why exactly they are the top choices. Beaches of Agia Napa Beaches of Protaras

66 Of The Best Gifs That Will Inspire and Spark a Serious Case of Wanderlust

Originally posted on The Lone Panda:
Ok Folks, here’s where I go all gushy-gooey-mushy about how dang obsessed I am with Gifs. You guys may not see it as much on here but believe me when I say that gifs are pretty awesome. If I’m writing a post and I feel like there should be an accompaniment of an annoyed facial expression or that of some eye rolling, I quickly go to and I find what I’m looking for. That site has everything by the way. Well, almost everything. But then I recently joined Tumblr. Yes, I’m also on Tumblr. It’s like I’m a walking social media freak! All in the name of promoting this blog might I add. There’s a reason why people get other people to solely produce social media content for their brand. It’s no joke. The hours it takes is ridiculous. Anyway, I digress as always. Tumblr is… hmm… how do I put it. Nah, I think I can just go ahead and profess my happiness over it for all the…