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Barcelona Airbnb Review + Airbnb Coupon

During my most recent trip to Spain, I have stayed at so many different accommodations – hotels, an Airbnb apt even a hostel and I will get to all of them soon. The first place I booked was an Airbnb apartment in Barcelona. I had some scheduled tours in the city and therefore it made sense to stay in Barcelona first. I had a late evening flight so I picked an apartment that wasn’t too far from the airport. This was my first time in the city, so I arranged to meet up with other Travel bloggers at the airport and share a taxi to my apartment. I was surprised at how quiet the airport was around 11pm. For some reason, I expected it to be busier.

I had absolutely no trouble communicating with my Airbnb host over messages up to this point, so when I called her from the taxi, we had a bit of a communication issue, and my first thought was oh no, this is one of those Barcelona scams. My host didn’t speak English, but that’s ok because my taxi driver spoke Spanish and we sorted out the communication issue. At the apartment she used a language translator on her mobile phone and that’s how we communicated with each other and it was quite cool actually.

I booked a private room in the apartment which cost about €19 per night during that week, but I had an Airbnb coupon which I used so I didn’t end up spending a lot of money for my stay. The apartment was very clean and super quiet. My host was lovely, very friendly and welcoming. She even had fruit out in the morning that I could help myself too which was awesome. I also have to say that the best Seafood Paella I have ever had in my life was the one she made during our first dinner together!

The apartment is located on the main road so navigation is as easy as it can get. The location worked great for a few of my tours as they were walking distance from the apartment. Gala works all day until the evening, so if you stay here you will have the apartment to yourself. There is a train line and a bus line on the main road as well. The taxi from the airport costs €15 in case you need evening transportation. There are also night buses, but if you are arriving alone late at night, taxi is the way to go.

I would highly recommend you stay with Gala when visiting Barcelona. She is an excellent host!
I would definitely stay here again. 🙂 I’m happy that I made a new friend in the city.

PS: Museum of National Art of Catalonia is walking distance from the apartment! 🙂
Airbnb Apartment Link: Barcelona Airbnb
Airbnb Coupon at Sign-up: Airbnb Coupon


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