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Secrets to Soft Summer Hair

Olive Oil

When it comes to Beauty, I am a minimalist, especially during the Summer Season. To date,
I haven’t visited or lived in a country (city or state) that did not have a hot summer. Although
throughout the years the humidity levels have varied from 2% low to 96% high depending on
my location, my beauty routine has always remained the same, with the exception of the
London era when I worked in Luxury Retail and I of course had to look super polished and
put together at all times.

London Era

London Era: Work Day vs Day Off

During the hot summer months, a little bit of light foundation base and mascara is all I will
wear out during the daytime. For evenings when I go out, I just add a strong lipstick, black
eyeliner and sometimes a little blush too.

Now back to the original topic of this post – How to get Super Soft Summer Hair
I am my own hairdresser and have been for the past 20 years. This means that I’m
responsible for every cut, style and color so I know exactly what works and doesn’t work
for my hair.
Here are a few of my simple Summer Hair Rules that I swear by:

  • I don’t color my hair during summer – With the strong sun, the salty sea water or
    chlorine water from the pool, which can all be very drying and damaging to the hair,
    I simply choose to skip the coloring process.

  • I don’t use a hairdryer. This one is quiet simple, if it’s warm enough to air dry my hair
    or even better sun dry ☀ then the heat appliances are off limits.

  • I don’t cut my hair during the summer. I have a specific haircutting schedule
    depending on what I’m after. I usually do the frequent trims during winter and spring
    and then leave my hair alone during the summer. Once the summer is almost done, I
    will have an idea for my next look, and then I will trim my hair and perhaps color it.

  • I don’t shower or wash my hair in hot water. It’s summer and it’s hot, so cold water is
    the way to go. Cold water makes your hair soft and shiny. It’s also good to finish off
    your hair with a quick cold rinse during winter months.

  • When I have my hair up, I use hair friendly elastic hair bands (the ones that are less
    hair damaging) and mostly large hair clips which are even less hair damaging.

  • I use a natural wooden wide toothed comb for the summer. My hair is naturally a little
    wavy and the easiest way to comb it during summer is with this type of comb.

wooden hair combs

  • I have hot Olive Oil hair treatments at home. First of all I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
    because it’s the best 🙂 I heat up the olive oil, pour into my hand and then massage
    it into my hair with both hands from mid ear level all the way down to my ends.
    Currently it’s hot enough here so I don’t have to wrap it up in a towel.

    WARNING: If you are going to try this at home, please be careful not to overheat the
    Olive Oil. You might burn yourself. Usually olive oil heats up fast, and especially
    super fast if you are using a tiny bowl, so be careful. Always test the oil with just the
    very tip of your finger first.

    – If it’s not as hot where you are, you might want to have it wrapped up in a towel for
    at least the first 30-45 minutes or so.

    I leave the olive oil in for about 2 full hours before I rinse it off with shampoo and
    continue with conditioner for my ends. This really has made my hair super soft and I
    love the soft waves I get when I air dry my hair especially outside in the wind 🙂

    Another amazing benefit from this Hot Olive Oil Hair Treatment is that I no longer get
    split ends! Which is pretty amazing and also very helpful since I’m currently growing
    out my hair.

    Another thing you can do during summer is spray some SPF in your hair or use
    whatever you are using as sun protection. I don’t do this, as I go straight for the water
    when I’m at the beach and spend most of my time in water.


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