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Roma – A Photo Essay

First time I visited Rome was during my January 2015 birthday. Since then I have visited a couple more times. Rome is one of those cities you keep coming back to.

I absolutely love the colors of this city, the people, the language, the FOOD! Everything about Rome is absolutely beautiful. This photographic blog post is from my most recent trip last month. 


For Breakfast I would usually have some sort of a delicious pastry & coffee

For Lunch, it was always pasta. My favorite restaurant is Trattoria da Enzo in Trastevere. I highly suggest you arrive at 12:30pm when lunch starts or earlier, because otherwise you will be waiting in line. The food is very fresh here & prices are excellent! 

In Afternoon, I would usually have gelato! And I have concluded that Venchi is my favorite! Sometimes I also had Aperol Spritz which is a local favorite.

I also tried Suppli for the first time which are fried balls made out of rice, tomato and cheese. They are very delicious & make a great snack! 

For dinner, I went for aperitivo instead of an actual full meal. This was my favorite thing every evening! You get samples of various appetizers & there were live music performances every evening. The price of aperitivo is excellent! 

A few more photos from Rome.

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I am an explorer, an adventurer & Travel is my constant. I have a wild curiosity to learn new skills as I go & meet fantastic interesting people on the road.

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